Monday, September 15, 2014

Mike's Hard Pink Lemonade (Sponsored)

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for mike’s hard lemonade. I received a Circle K gift card to facilitate this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.
Sometimes my days are so jam packed that I don't remember to eat. Between work and taking care of a household, life can be pretty busy. And sometimes this mom needs a cocktail to unwind at the end of a long day! Mike's Hard Pink Lemonade is perfect for those never-ending days. 

I don't mind pulling out the blender and making a fruity cocktail, but when the day has been dragging on forever, I need something fast and delicious. But if I'm doing to drink a pre-made drink it needs to contain real fruit juice, and Mike's Hard Lemonade is made with the juice and zest of real lemons. That's why every bottle tastes so authentically delicious!

Of course another thing that makes a pre-made fruity cocktail perfect is convenience... And it just so happens that Mike's Hard Lemonade is sold at Circle K stores. That makes it easy to pick up a pack while I fill up my car (my local Circle K is also a gas station). 

Mike's Hard Pink Lemonade is seasonal and apparently in high demand, because my local Circle K was all out. The reason that I was determined to purchase the pink lemonade is because when I buy Mike's Hard Pink Lemonade I'm also supporting breast cancer research. 

Mike's has been supporting the fight since 2009, and they've contributed more than $1 million dollars to breast cancer research. Several people close to me have been impacted by breast cancer, so it's an important issue to me, so I want to support the fight anyway that I can. That's why I'm thrilled to "drink pink!"

Mike's Hard Pink Lemonade will only be available through October, which is breast cancer awareness month. So if you want to join the fight + drink pink... go pick up a pack today!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

How to Teach Your Children about the Dangers of Drugs

Teaching your children about the dangers of drug use can be a sensitive subject. A parent who approaches the topic too aggressively could unintentionally make a child more determined to rebel and get caught up in bad crowd. If a parent avoids initiating a conversation about the subject, however, children will learn about such topics from other, less-reliable sources. Experts at Morningside Recovery Center in Newport Beach, CA have seen it all. Here are just a few of their tips for broaching the subject casually and engaging your child in a productive discussion about the dangers of drugs.

Bring up The Topic During Television Shows

With many modern television shows candidly discussing drugs, parents have an easy way into a conversation on the topic. Parents can start sitting in on television sessions with their children to get an idea of the types of shows they like to watch. If their television lineup consists of police cars and drug lords, concerned parents can easily open dialogue about drug usage. Other parents may opt to restrict what their children watch on television. Regardless, television – or other forms of pop culture - can provide an excellent jumping off point to open up the topic more fully.

Have a Mentor or Spiritual Advisor Visit Regularly

Having support from religious mentors such as Rabbis, Pastors, and Reverends can help keep children away from drugs. A respectable spiritual figure can sometimes explain the dangers of drugs in a calm, graceful, and non-threatening fashion. Sometimes, children are more receptive to hearing this information from an outsider compared to hearing a “lecture” from mom and dad. 

Meet Any New Friends and Acquaintances

Parents who are concerned that their children may become involved with drugs should monitor their children’s acquaintances closely. They should invite new friends and acquaintances over for dinner, especially if their children are exhibiting odd behaviors after they spend time with such people. Young people who are involved in drugs often show tell-tale signs. Some signs of drug use include ignoring curfew, coming home with red eyes, appearing disoriented, being disrespectful to one or both parents, and sleeping long hours. Of course, in many cases, these are just examples of teenagers being teenagers. But it’s important to be aware and take note of any major shifts in behavior – especially as new friends come into the picture. 

High school children often introduce each other to drugs. Therefore, parents must be assertive about the friends that come to see their children. In the worst cases, parents can forbid their children from hanging out with troublesome friends until their parents show up for a discussion.

Even when parents take all the preventative measures possible, it’s still possible that their kids will experiment with drugs at some point in their lives. The therapists at Morningside Recovery have met with recovering addicts from all different backgrounds. Sometimes parents can prevent drug usage, and sometimes they can’t. Do what you can to stay active and involved in your children’s lives to spot a problem before it’s too late. 

**This is a sponsored guest post.**

The Equalizer - Self Defense Training

The Equalizer (starring Denzel Washington), is the story of a man who believes in justice. His life is quiet and seemingly normal, but his attempt at normalcy is disrupted when he encounters a young girl under the control of Russian gangsters.  Unable to stand by and watch while helpless people are attacked by hoodlums, he uses his "hidden skills," to obtain retribution. 

The main premise of the film is that Robert McCall (Washington) uses his martial arts skill to help people who can't help themselves. Which got me thinking... if I were being attacked by an assailant, could I defend myself? Before a few days ago, I would have said probably not, but that was before I participated in the Equalizer self-defense training at McDuffy's Kajukenbo Self-defense Institute

Located in Inglewood, CA, McDuffy's Kajukenbo specializes in self-defense training techniques, tournament sparring, weapons self-defense, and street fighting.  They even offer special programs for children, which includes transportation to and from his after school tutoring and martial arts program. The institute is run by Sifu Cliff McDuffy and his family. 

The training was only for one hour, but that was a very looooong hour! It had been quite a while since I had such an intense workout, but I'm not complaining. This wasn't just any total body workout. In the span of an hour I learned how to fend off an attacker, in a very effective way. I'm not just talking escape here, I learned how to put someone down long enough to put some serious distance between me and danger. 

Sifu Cliff is professional, engaging and encouraging. He connected with every person on the floor, while making sure that the moves were being performed with accuracy and intensity. Sifu Cliff says, "if you're being attacked, your attacker isn't going to wait for you to get ready," that's why you have to be serious and prepared for anything. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and if I'm ever in a situation where it is necessary to defend myself... I can. Although I hadn't given it very much thought before, I feel better knowing that I know a few moves that could potentially save my life.


The Equalizer will be in theaters on Friday, September 26th

This is not a paid post. I was invited to the free self-defense training, as a part of The Equalizer promotion, by THAurban. All views expressed are the honest opinion of Just Say I Told You So.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Bouqs Company Flower Review

I received a free Bouq to facilitate this review. All views expressed are the honest opinion of Just Say I Told You So.
This post contains affiliate links. 

I LOVE fresh flowers! In fact I buy flowers to put on the bedside table in every room, all the time. But in all my years I have never seen lovelier flowers than the ones delivered straight to my door, from the side of a volcano, by the!

Day 1: out of the box
The flowers from the Bouqs are guaranteed fresh, and I don't mean fresh from the fridge either.  They don't even cut the flowers until they are ready to be sold. That means that your flowers are delivered from the farm, right to your door. They arrive in a beautiful box, ready to be arranged.

Of course receiving beautiful flowers is one thing, but getting flowers that will actually last more than a couple of day is something altogether different. I received the most gorgeous white roses that I had ever seen, or so I thought. I mean, they were beautiful straight out of the box, so I didn't think they could get any better... but they did.  Once those amazing buds opened (within 24 hours) they were even more stunning! But wait... it gets better!  The flowers lasted for more than 10 days!!!

The quality of these flowers is nothing short of amazing! That fresh from the farm to your door is not just a gimmick. I have never smelled flowers (off the stalk) that smelled so... well, fresh. They are so fresh that the water didn't even turn dark and murky after several days, which almost always happens with other flowers. I actually didn't change the water for the entire time I had them, I just added to it, and it stayed pretty clear. I don't know if I will ever order flowers from another company again, and I really mean that. 

The Bouqs offers plenty of variety too! From roses to lilies, ranunculus to asters, you will definitely find something that you like. 

If you need to send a bouquet, and you want to send the best, I can't recommend the Bouqs enough!

A Dozen Roses for just $40 - FREE SHIPPING! Shop The Bouqs Co. now!

Visit the Bouqs website, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

I received a free Bouq to facilitate this review.  All views expressed are the honest opinion of Just Say I Told You So. This post contains affiliate links. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Train's new album: Bulletproof Picasso

I participated in the Train Bulletproof Picasso album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided a free album to review but all views expressed are the honest opinion of Just Say I Told You So.

I fell in love with the Grammy Award winning group, Train, the first time I heard "Drops of Jupiter," from their second studio album. I'm sure I had heard them before that, but that song hooked me for life. And now they've done it again... their new album, Bulletproof Picasso, which is their 7th album, goes on sale next week.

I've been listening to the album for a couple of days and it sounds p-r-e-t-t-y nice! Bulletproof Picasso is classic Train sound, all the way.  Check out this track list:
  1. Cadillac, Cadillac
  2. Bulletproof Picasso
  3. Angel in Blue Jeans
  4. Give it all
  5. Wonder what you're doing for the rest of your life
  6. Son of a prison guard
  7. Just a memory
  8. I'm drinking tonight
  9. I will remember
  10. The bridge
  11. Baby, Happy Birthday
  12. Don't grow up so fast
Most of the tracks are kinda up-tempo. The title track, Bulletproof Picasso, has a toe-tapping-head-bopping melody, that's pretty snazzy. Angel in Blue Jeans is my favorite, its got a mellow feel that makes me want to stand on a mountain top with the wind blowing through my hair, with sweeping views of a grand valley below! Unfortunately they had a different idea for the video:

Just a Memory, Baby Happy Birthday, and The Bridge are also tracks that I have on repeat.

Overall, this is a really good album. Not that I expected anything less from Train, because they are awesome-tastic!

You can pre-order your copy of Bulletproof Picasso from iTunes, Amazon, and other fine on & offline retailers. Or you can purchase it immediately on Tuesday, September 9th

Stop by the Train website, follow em' on Twitter, like em' on Facebook, or look at em' on YouTube

I participated in the Train Bulletproof Picasso album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided a free album to review but all views expressed are the honest opinion of Just Say I Told You So. **This post contains an Amazon affiliate link.** 
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