Monday, May 16, 2011

Bose - Wave Music System

I would not describe myself as a musical person per se, I mean I like music and there are certain artists that I love to listen to, but generally speaking I'm a bookworm.  But there are certain books that pair well with music, maybe something soft in the background.  I also find that listening to music helps me drift off to sleep.

Sometime ago I happened upon a Bose Wave Music System commercial.  At first I thought it was a bit overly dramatic, how could good sound come from such an oddly shaped device? This question prompted me to do a bit of research online.  According to the Bose website the "award winning" design allows for "more natural sounding bass and percussion instruments." But I still wasn't sold...that is until I saw that my favorite channel (QVC) was selling it too!  I must admit, I am a little partial to QVC - they could probably sell me a rock, but the things they were saying about this music system made it seem amazing. The system comes in three colors: Titanium Silver, Graphite Gray, and Platinum White.  I choose Graphite Gray.

When it arrived, I was not at all excited, it still looked a bit strange to me and I was expected to believe that great sound was going to come out of this?  The set up was easy, just a plug and an antenna.  I plugged it in, inserted the demo CD and I was completely blown away!  I could hear every single instrument, as if there was an entire orchestra in my bedroom.  From the sound of tiny bells to the boom of big drums, the clarity is absolutely incredible!

It's been a couple of years and I still LOVE my Bose.  When I talk about it I sound like I personally work for the company.  My mother bought one with the CD changer a couple of weeks ago and she hasn't turned on her standard sound system since!  The sound is just that good.

If you like music, your ears will thank you.  If you're not much of a music fan you will become one.  I implore you to consider the Bose Wave Music System if you don't own one already.

Visit the Bose website for more information on the Wave Music System and other Bose products.

This is not a paid post, this product was personally purchased.  This review is solely the opinion of Just Say I Told You So.


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  5. I'm glad I stop by. I got the Bose station for my Ipod, and you are right, I love the sound, and it's portable great for the beach.

  6. My mother-in-law has a Bose and I love the sound. I would love to get one some day. I'm following your blog via GFC. I saw your link on the Welcome Wednesday blog hop :)


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