Saturday, March 10, 2012

Disney's John Carter

I was invited to a press screening of John Carter at the Disney Studios in Burbank, CA, last Thursday. At the time, I had only seen one preview of the movie, a ton of billboards (that didn't give me a clue as to what the film was about),  and hadn't really talked about the film with anyone. I said all that to say that I went into the film with a completely open mind.

John Carter is based on "A Princess of Mars," the classic first novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs (writer and creator of Tarzan).  Disney classifies the film as action-adventure, but after seeing it for myself I would call it an action-adventure-sci fi-with a touch of romance-masterpiece!

The film follows the adventures of John Carter, a former military captain, who inadvertently discovers the cave of gold he had been searching for, while in the midst of battle with Indians. When he happens upon a man inside the cave he is suddenly transported to the deserts of Barsoom (that's Mars to you Earthlings).  It isn't long before John Carter finds himself in the middle of an age-old war, speaking the language of the native inhabitants, and beguiling a Princess.

I enjoyed this film soooo much! As I said before, I knew nothing about it to begin with, so having no expectations at all, I still found myself completely enthralled in the story. Did I mention that I saw it in 3D? Let me begin by saying that I am not a fan of three-dimensional films at all, but the film was so well made that I was able to enjoy it in all three dimensions!  The action was incredible and the storyline was superb.

The film was directed by Academy Award®–winning director/writer Andrew Stanton, who has been a fan of the "Barsoom" series since he was a child. The cast is stellar (of course):

John Carter - Taylor Kitsch
Tars Turkas - Willem Dafoe
Princess Dejah Thoris - Lynn Collins
Sola - Samantha Morton
Tal Hajus - Thomas Haden Church

Also starring: Mark Strong, Ciaran Hinds, Dominic West, James Purefoy, Bryan Cranston, Polly Walker, and Daryl Sabara.

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John Carter is in theaters now.

This is not a paid post. I was invited to a screening of the film by Disney, which helped to facilitate this review/post. All views expressed are the opinion of Just Say I Told You So.


  1. I can't wait to check this out.. Even though the ads don't really give you an idea of what the movie is about, your review just sparked my interest!

  2. Well Im excited to see the movie, I love anything disney. bre

  3. Firstly - lucky you to get to review movies! JEALOUS! I really miss the days I could just go to the movies without getting a baby sitter!
    All that to say - this movie sounds well worth seeing!
    Leigh @oneandoneequalstwinfun

  4. Thanks for the review! I'm about the same as you, I've heard about it a little but really had no idea what it was about. Sounds like a good one to me!

  5. THIS MOVIE WAS FILMED IN MOAB! One of my most favorite places in the world. I totally forgot about it because they were filming there about 3 years ago. Thanks for the great review! We will have to see this movie ASAP.

  6. Okay, please don't laugh! I thought the movie was about Pocahontas! Bahahaha! I am excited now! Glad I saw your review, whew!I saw The Help before it was in theaters and got to see it with Octavia Spencer! We did a Q&A afterwards and it was so neat! Looking forward to following you more~!

  7. I'm so embarrassed to admit I'm one of those moms who stopped going to movies or seeing previews for movies after I gave birth to my oldest daughter. She's almost 7! It wasn't by choice, but rather just that babysitters are expensive and it's hard to find one you trust...ya know. Anyway, I'm just now getting back into the movie scene, so it was nice to learn of an entertaining movie worth seeing.


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