Thursday, March 8, 2012

First Look: Disney's Lone Ranger

If you haven't already heard, the Lone Ranger is riding back into town in May 2013.  Guess who will be playing Tonto???  None other than Captain Jack himself - Johnny Depp!! 

Jerry Bruckheimer is the producer and it's being directed by Gore Verbinski. Who's playing the masked crusader you ask? John Reid will be played by Armie Hammer (you remember him from Social Network, if not you can catch him on the silver screen next week in Mirror Mirror).

So what do you think, can Armie and Johnny pull it off? If you're like me, you'll love Johnny Depp in almost anything. If he just sat and stared at the camera for 90 minutes that would probably be enough for this girl! LOL

Stay tuned, we're sure to hear more about this flick!

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