Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ringling Bros "Dragons" Opens in Anaheim, CA

Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey
Dragons are said to have the strength of a thousand men, the wisdom of ages, more courage than a lion, and a heart of gold. These majestic, mythical creatures are what fairy tales are made of... and this is the Year of the Dragon!

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey's Dragons opened Friday night at the Honda Center in Anaheim. Before the show, we had an opportunity to watch and observe the elephants, I could sit and watch these beautiful pachyderms forever...

One hour before the show we were able to enjoy the All-access Pre-Show! This interactive, hands-on experience was great for the kiddos. They were able to get juggling lessons, dance with the performers, and get autographs. My nephew really enjoyed himself!

When show time arrived, we were immediately mesmerized by the production. I held my breath as the Flying Caceras somersaulted through the air. Later, I found myself on the edge of my seat as lion tamer, Alexander Lacey, stood calmly in a cage instructing both lions and tigers (no bears, oh my!)

To my amazement, the most talented performance of the evening was from household cats, I didn't even know that domestic cats could be trained! This circus included all kinds animals that you don't traditionally see performing, a donkey, a goat, and even a llama!  I didn't get any clear pictures of these performances, but you will have to trust me when I say that these animals were SPECTACULAR!

It was an evening that I won't soon forget. If you have a chance, I encourage you to take in the show.  You can still use the code "Mom" to get 4 tickets for $60 at (offer good through August 5).

I received free tickets to opening night at the circus. Some of the photos used in this post were provided by Ringling Bros. The views expressed are the honest opinion of Just Say I Told You So.

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