Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Smooth 'N Shine Keratin Power Review

Everyone woman wants gorgeous hair, it's a universal fact. We all want to look and feel beautiful.

Smooth 'N Shine Keratin Power offers a more "manageable approach to taming curls and frizz." This semi-permanent treatment is not a relaxer, in fact it is 5x's less damaging than relaxers.

I've never used a relaxer on my daughter's hair because they're so harsh. Now that's she's nearly 17 of course she wants her hair to be both stylish and manageable, so we gave Smooth 'N Shine a try.

After the initial shampoo you should do a test strand to make sure that your hair can tolerate the treatment. Then divide the hair in sections:

Once the hair is divided apply the protein smoothing treatment (keep on for 20 min). Then rinse with warm water for 5-8 minutes.

Once the hair is thoroughly rinsed, apply the Neutralizing Milk (keep on for 10 min). Rinse again with warm water for 5-8 minutes or until no trace of the product remains. Blow dry and style as usual.

I must admit the process is tedious and took a great deal of time, which is probably my only complaint. It also smells HORRIBLE (so I guess I have two complaints). Ultimately, I was very pleased with the results and so was my daughter. The shine is incredible and her hair feels healthy and gorgeous!

Smooth 'N Shine Keratin Power comes in Regular (for fine to average hair) and Super (for average to coarse hair). You can find it at your local beauty supply or drug store. Visit their website for more information.

This is not a paid post. I received a free product through BzzAgent. All views expressed are the opinion of Just Say I Told You So.


  1. Awww look at Niara! Her hair looks BOMB!

  2. so it is a relaxer? not just something for shine...

    1. It's not a relaxer, it actually wears off after 5-6 shampoos. I think it's a great relaxer alternative. The shine is also amazing!

  3. You go Nia. It looks really nice!

  4. You told me about this product. I just had to see your post. Her hair looks nice. I am going to try it.

  5. I am very unhappy and upset with the product "Keratin Shine Smooth'n Power" I used it and my hair is terrible.I had highlights but this product BROKE and RIP completely. HORRIBLE!!!!! And i dont know how can I fix it.

  6. i tried this product and now i have NOOO hair it took all of my hair!!!! eveytime i touched my hair it feel out, also that happened in January 2013 and it is taking forever for my hair to grow back!!!!

  7. Though I do agree that this is a great alternative to regular relaxers, I am kind having a love/hate relationship with this product. I put it in after taking my braids out. It was like 75% off and I had always wanted to try it. My hair got straight (er) but as soon as the humidity went up, my hair kind of turned in to an af. I am using my straightener and it's straightening out again. I will buy this again, if It's on sale, because I heard that the results get better each time you use it. My hair had breakage but I attribute that more to taking out the braids. I will use again and see how my hair looks after each treatment. Also, if you're looking for really straight hair, stick with a traditional relaxer.


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