Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Creative Bioscience - 90-day Challenge

Most people make New Years resolutions promising to make changes in their lives, but that's never been me. I try to implement lifestyle changes as I see fit, but of course sticking to them is another issue.

Now that I'm approaching 40 I have become more mindful about my overall lifestyle.  Which is why I will be taking the Creative Bioscience 90-day challenge.  Over the course of 90 days I will be taking Green Coffee Bean Pure Extract to help me burn some of my extra "fluff."

Creative Bioscience has a variety of diet and weight loss supplements. Of course there is no substitute for hard work, I agree, but we can all use a jump start from time to time.  I will be posting once a month to let you know how things are going. Maybe my success will inspire you :-)

Images from Creative Bioscience. I will receive a 90 day supply from Creative Bioscience. My participation is voluntary. All views expressed are the opinion of Just Say I Told You So.

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