Monday, January 28, 2013

AutisMate - Autism iPad App

AutisMate is an app designed for children with Autism.  The app's designer, Jonathan Izak, was inspired by his 11-year old brother with autism.

AutisMate is the first app that includes customizable behavioral and communication tools, allowing children with autism (and their parents, caregivers, and teachers) to import images, video, audio, and other information into a visual "scene-based" platform.

Video modeling, social stories, and GPS are just a few of the app's many features. This software is intuitive and applicable in real time.

Several beta users have reported improved connections, “I recently used [Autismate to help my son] understand what would be happening at a hospital visit to have tubes put in his ears (a procedure he had done before and had gotten very upset).This last visit he was calmer and cooperated really well!”

You can download the AutisMate app for your iPad. Visit the AutisMate website and follow on Facebook and Twitter.

This is not a paid post. Photos and app information were provided to aid in the facilitation of this post.

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