Thursday, May 9, 2013

Michael Bublé's latest album: To Be Loved - Review

I can't remember where or how I was introduced to Michael Bublé, but we go way back (at least a 8 years or more). Sometimes he serenades me as I drift off to sleep. Other times he rides shotgun in the car while I run errands or drive to work. Michael and I have been through a lot together. I talk, he sings. I sing, he sings some more.  It's a beautiful relationship, albeit one-sided most of the time!

I was thrilled when I heard that his new album was on the way. To Be Loved is his latest offering and I must say, my crooner has done it again!

There were a few tracks that I really got into like:
  • Nevertheless (I'm in Love with You) - feat. The Puppini Sisters
  • I Got it Easy
  • Something Stupid - feat. Reese Witherspoon
  • Come Dance with Me
  • To Love Somebody
I pretty much liked the entire CD to be honest, but those are my faves. I recognized some of the songs, but there were a few that were new to me. It's easy listening music that makes you tap your toes and move your hips. Before you know it your head is bobbing, shoulders are swaying, and you're getting your groove on. It's like that!

In his words:
"I want to take you on a wonderful journey about love - all different kinds of love... This album swings big time: it rocks, it's soulful, it's happy, sometimes a little sad. It's romantic, it's yummy, and it's heartfelt" - Michael Bublé

I really enjoyed the journey and I hope you will too!

You can purchase the album in retail stores, on iTunes and Amazon.

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I received a copy of To Be Loved through One2One Network for the purpose of this review. However, all views expressed are the honest opinion of Just Say I Told You So.

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  1. I'm a new Michael Buble fan but a fan nonetheless. I love his timeless, elegant voice.. I will definitely be picking this album up! Good seeing you this past weekend dear :)


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