Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How to Prepare for Your First Yoga Class

Maybe you’ve finally decided to enter the realm of Yoga. Your sessions will help you to develop a sense of balance between your mind, body and spirit. If you are anxiously anticipating your first yoga class, then you will want to properly prepare yourself so that you can maximize the health benefits. The following are some tips on getting yourself ready for your first ever practice.

You will need to properly hydrate yourself so that you will have extra liquids when you engage in Yoga stretching and movement the first time. Make sure you drink several glasses of water or Gatorade at least two hours before your session. Your increased fluid intake will help you to prevent dehydration when you engage in increased activities. 
Take a Hot Bath (Before or After!)
Yoga is an activity that essentially promotes relaxation. You can help bring forth your relaxed state by taking a hot bath before your session. A hot bath with eucalyptus or lavender oils will release any tension that you have in the body. It will also loosen your muscles and promote flexibility. 
Clear Your Mind
Another way that you can prepare yourself for your first yoga session is by clearing your mind of stressful thoughts ahead of time. You can do this by practicing meditation before class. To meditate properly, you will need to find a quiet area in your home where you can steer your thought process in a positive direction. You may also choose to find a comfortable spot outside. You will want to take long, slow, deep breaths while focusing on the rise and fall of your lungs. Tune in to the movement and focus your thoughts on your upcoming yoga class.
Dress Comfortably
You will want to wear appropriate clothing when you head to your first yoga session. Spandex is a good choice of material because it enables flexibility. Lululemon founder Chip Wilson swears by his company’s yoga attire. The clothing is meant to allow for optimal movement and relaxation. Most of the time, yoga is practiced with bare feet so shoes are not necessary. Chip Wilson advises individuals of all ages and fitness levels to try yoga and reap the health benefits of the activity.

The last thing you need to do to prepare yourself for your first yoga lesson is to bring a positive attitude to class. You must leave behind all of the troubles and struggles of the day and allow positive energy to flow through your body as you begin the flowing movements.
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