Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Equalizer - Self Defense Training

The Equalizer (starring Denzel Washington), is the story of a man who believes in justice. His life is quiet and seemingly normal, but his attempt at normalcy is disrupted when he encounters a young girl under the control of Russian gangsters.  Unable to stand by and watch while helpless people are attacked by hoodlums, he uses his "hidden skills," to obtain retribution. 

The main premise of the film is that Robert McCall (Washington) uses his martial arts skill to help people who can't help themselves. Which got me thinking... if I were being attacked by an assailant, could I defend myself? Before a few days ago, I would have said probably not, but that was before I participated in the Equalizer self-defense training at McDuffy's Kajukenbo Self-defense Institute

Located in Inglewood, CA, McDuffy's Kajukenbo specializes in self-defense training techniques, tournament sparring, weapons self-defense, and street fighting.  They even offer special programs for children, which includes transportation to and from his after school tutoring and martial arts program. The institute is run by Sifu Cliff McDuffy and his family. 

The training was only for one hour, but that was a very looooong hour! It had been quite a while since I had such an intense workout, but I'm not complaining. This wasn't just any total body workout. In the span of an hour I learned how to fend off an attacker, in a very effective way. I'm not just talking escape here, I learned how to put someone down long enough to put some serious distance between me and danger. 

Sifu Cliff is professional, engaging and encouraging. He connected with every person on the floor, while making sure that the moves were being performed with accuracy and intensity. Sifu Cliff says, "if you're being attacked, your attacker isn't going to wait for you to get ready," that's why you have to be serious and prepared for anything. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and if I'm ever in a situation where it is necessary to defend myself... I can. Although I hadn't given it very much thought before, I feel better knowing that I know a few moves that could potentially save my life.


The Equalizer will be in theaters on Friday, September 26th

This is not a paid post. I was invited to the free self-defense training, as a part of The Equalizer promotion, by THAurban. All views expressed are the honest opinion of Just Say I Told You So.

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