Thursday, October 16, 2014

Family Feud is on TV Land!

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My grandmother has always been a game show fanatic. You are guaranteed to find her watching her favorite game shows on weekday mornings, weekday afternoon, and weekday evenings... without fail. And Family Feud is one of her all-time favorites!

My grandmother has watched Family Feud from the very beginning. She has been an unwavering fan through all it's incarnations... but the current host, Steve Harvey, is her 2nd all-time favorite (she's loyal to the original host, Richard Dawson).

She loves Steve Harvey because of the way he connects with the contestants, but mostly because of his quick wit and hilarious facial expressions.  

See what I mean:

Well it seems that Christmas has come early for my Grandmother, because now she can have even more Steve Harvey since Family Feud has been launched into syndication on TV Land

If you don't currently watch the show take a look at this clip, so you can see why my granny thinks it's all the rage:

You can tune into Family Feud for endless belly laughs weeknights from 8-9pm on TV Land

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