Friday, November 14, 2014

A new spin on popcorn + chex - #ChexMixPopped review #paid

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I love popcorn. No seriously, me and popcorn have a relationship. In fact, I eat popcorn for dinner several times a week... no kidding. I am completely enamored with the stuff!

I also think Chex Mix is pretty cool. I love pretzels and crunchy goodness as much as the next girl. And now the geniuses at Chex have bagged up something pretty darn cool Chex Mix Popped:

Do you think they were reading my mind? 

Either that or they have been invading my thoughts while I'm sleeping. Any-who, I tried out the Salty & Sweet variety and it's okay. I mean it doesn't trump home-popped corn or anything, but it will definitely do for a quick snack fix (but not for dinner).

I gave some to my mother and she barely came up for air. She was snacking and crunching. And snacking and crunching... The woman barely shared! She said " I could have done without the Chex part." She loves popcorn too. 

My sister was able to grab a handful before my mother finished it off and she said "I could do without the popcorn."

So there you have it... the people have spoken. 

And they disagree.  But I guess when you add their opinions together you get - a whole bag! LOL

Chex Mix Popped comes it two varieties Salty & Sweet and White Cheddar. You can pick up Chex Mix Popped at your local grocer. 

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