Saturday, January 10, 2015

Need to save some time + moola this year? 4 ways to save right now!

  1. Chuck Starbucks - If you have a thing for frappes, you can buy a 4-pack at the market + a pint of ice cream. Blend. Homemade frappe heaven is what that is! Totally delicious + so much easier on your purse.
  2. Cut off cable - You can watch a ton of shows on the network apps. And Netflix + Hulu is cheaper than cable. Period.
  3. Park in the first spot you see - you know how much gas you waste circling the lot for a closer space? Pull in the first available spot. Save time. Save money. Get some exercise. 3 birds, 1 stone.
  4. Razors - how much money do you spend on razors (for yourself + your hubby)? Well you could spend $1 buck/month with Dollar Shave Club, and they will deliver high quality razors straight to your door. That means you save time (because you won't have to drive to the store) and you'll save money (on razors + gas). BOOM! You do the math.
Feel free to share some of your money saving ideas too!

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