Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My experience at Amazing Lash Studio

I received free lash extensions.
All views expressed are the honest opinion of Just Say I Told You So. 

Unlike my glamorous daughter, I am not really a make-up gal. I mostly just lube my lips and keep it pushing. But sometimes I like to amp up my sexy with a smidgen of eyeliner and a dab of lip color. So when I was invited to the Amazing Lash Studio - Chino, I was a little nervous.

I have seen women with beautiful lashes, but I have also seen women who look like they're wearing spiders, you know what I mean?

So my daughter and I headed down to Chino to get our lashes done. And guess what? I kinda liked it! LOL

This is me before:

This is me after:

And this is what they look like nearly two weeks post-application:

My lashes are still going strong. Yes, I have lost several, but that's normal... because eyelashes come out anyway. I will say that false lashes seem to attract more lint. Maybe dust and lint sticks more or maybe I am just more aware than usual. 

Washing and brushing them daily was recommended, so I have been doing both daily. I have found it difficult to open my eyes when their wet, because it seems like the water pools more than with my normal lashes, but it's not terribly uncomfortable.

Would I do it again?  

Maybe... but if I were to do it again I would want a softer lash. These lashes are synthetic, so they are a little more hard than I would prefer.

Would I recommend Amazing Lash Studio, Chino? 

Absolutely! My lashes were applied by a beautiful woman named Blessing. And yes, she lived up to her name! Her energy was wonderful. She made me feel really comfortable and relaxed. She took her time and paid attention to the details. And more importantly, she made sure that the lashes looked natural.

If you are considering lash extensions I say give them a try. And I definitely recommend that you get them done by a professional. 

If you are live in Southern California, you should definitely try Amazing Lash Studio, Chino. And tell em' Stacey sent you ;-) 

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